Contribution based community platform
Switch from a lucrative, speculative profit based extractive economy to a cooperative, peer to peer, shared resources community

LostHut is a COOP

Within our non profit organization, we "contribute", by giving our valuable time towards the creation and maintenance of common digital resources in the form of digital and real-world products and services. Common resources are freely available to the community and sometimes monetized with a public interface.

Contribution Model

A voluntary contribution initiates the process of becoming a valued community member. Every community member contributes 2, 4 or 8 hours a week of his/her time towards common value creation and maintenance. Contributions are made based on personal preferences and circumstances. Contributors can either create their own module to be contributed to or participate in the creation or maintenance of any of the existing modules.

Modular Approach

The community revolves around the creation and maintenance of products and services that we call Modules. Modules are co-owned by the members and worked on by the community contributing hours of actual work towards them. Contributors have free use of Modules which may or may not have a public interface. Modules also interface with each other in order to share data and enhance operability.

Democratic Governance

The distributed community has a democratic governance with a meritocratic institution. Leaders and administrators are democratically elected based on consensus generated around their ability, knowledge in a particular area and most of all on the basis of merits and contributions towards the community well-fare. Clusters of localized members are in charge of creating and selecting the local leadership.

Contributory Modules

There is no limit to creativity, anything is possible when a bunch of motivated and skilled individuals get together. Imagine the possibilities and consider them done. How? Let's do it together, for each other.


Help me out

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Any project can implement the LostHut community framework. Requirements are simple: Portability, Openness, Accounting transparency and relevance.

The way in

How can I become part of the community? Are there any entries requirements? Who's in the community?

  • Start by seeing

    Look around yourself and see the world for what it is. The day to day for the majority of the world population. Just spend some time, deeply inquiring about the real nature of humanity. Does it at all look human to you?

  • Continue by dreaming

    Immerse yourself in closed eyes dreams while awake. Envision a different world, where the predominant emotions are positive while real, where the environment is clean and lust, where people get together to create and strive. How many types of worlds can you envision?

  • Come to realize

    The difference between what exists and what would be better to exist, is you. Every choice you make on a minute by minute basis, create the reality you live in. Making the right choices will produce the right outcomes.

  • Activate for change

    Do not expect governments and humanity as a whole to change things for you. Make it to happen yourself, together with like-minded creators and contributors. Everything you envision can become reality, it just takes to have or develop the "will" to take part and change things around.

  • Are you
    or not?

Framework & resources







Open Source Initiative

To promote and protect open source

Commons Transition

Policy proposals for an Open Knowledge Commons Society

P2P production licence

Peer Production, P2P Attribution-ConditionalNonCommercial-ShareAlikeLicense.

P2P Value Project

Promoting the tech commons


A crypto currency that is designed to support democratic principles



Use and share open elements of architecture, design & urbanism

A commons based community means abundance of resources, non profit driven activities that promote happiness within the community.

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